Understanding the Impacts of Account Login Limitations on Authenticated Scanning in Invicti


Invicti plays a critical role in Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), offering robust solutions for identifying vulnerabilities in web applications. A key feature of our technology is authenticated scanning, which allows for a more thorough examination of your web application's security posture. This document aims to address an important consideration for authenticated scanning: the impact of account login limitations on the effectiveness of security scans.

Understanding Authenticated Scanning

Authenticated scanning is a process where the scanner accesses a web application with the credentials of a registered user, enabling it to test parts of the application that are visible only after logging in. This level of access is crucial for a comprehensive security assessment, as it uncovers vulnerabilities that would otherwise be missed.

The Issue with Login Limitations

Web applications often implement login limitations as a security measure. These limitations restrict the number of login attempts that can be made, either in total or within a certain timeframe. While effective for enhancing security, they pose a significant challenge for authenticated scanning with Invicti. Our scanner performs multiple login attempts during a scan to maintain access and thoroughly test your application. When an account has strict login limitations, the scanner may be locked out, preventing it from completing the scan.

Impact on Scan Quality

When the scanner is unable to maintain access due to login limitations, the quality and completeness of the scan are compromised. Critical parts of the application may remain untested, leading to potential false negatives, where existing vulnerabilities go undetected. This incomplete coverage significantly undermines the purpose of conducting a DAST and puts your application at risk.

Best Practices for Account Configuration

To ensure the most effective use of Invicti for your web application's security, we recommend the following best practices for account configuration:

  1. Use Dedicated Scanning Accounts: Set up specific user accounts for scanning purposes that are exempt from login limitations.
  2. Adjust Account Policies Temporarily: If dedicated scanning accounts are not feasible, consider temporarily relaxing login limitations on certain accounts during scheduled scans.
  3. Communicate with IT Security: Coordinate with your IT security team to ensure that scanning accounts are configured in line with your organization's security policies.


The effectiveness of authenticated scanning in Invicti is closely tied to how user accounts are configured in your web application. Understanding and addressing the challenges posed by login limitations is crucial for ensuring comprehensive and accurate security assessments. Should you require further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team.



  • Q: What if I cannot remove login limitations for security reasons? A: We recommend creating dedicated scanning accounts with higher tolerance for login attempts.
  • Q: Will adjusting login policies for scanning compromise my application's security? A: Temporarily adjusting login policies for the duration of a scan is a common practice and should not significantly impact overall security when managed carefully.


  • Authenticated Scanning: A method of security scanning where the scanner accesses the application using a registered user account.
  • DAST: Dynamic Application Security Testing, a process of testing an application's security in a running state.
  • Login Limitations: Restrictions placed on user accounts regarding the number and frequency of login attempts.
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